Strains New Music Ensemble, 113 Composers Collective, and Shield Your Eyes

Solo Pieces

Marble, Glass and Vapor (2009, 2017) for solo alto saxophone

Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins, saxophone

Weld Warp Shatter (2013) for vibraphone and bell plates

Jeremy Johnston, percussion

Kado: The Way of Flowers (2009) for solo cello

Joey Crane, cello

The Architect (2009) for solo violin

Irvine Arditti, violin

Chamber Works:

Forced Vibrations and Resonance (2014) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Normale (2011) for flute, vibraphone and viola

James DeVoll, flute; Scotty Horey, vibraphone; Benjamin Davis, viola

Tinguely (2010) for strings, percussion and built instruments

CMW Ensemble

Residual Aberrations of Extinct Archetypes (2009) for brass, percussion and strings

CMW Ensemble

Les Automates Jaquet-Droz (2008) for 2 violas and 2 cellos

Orchestral Works:

Piano Concerto (2006) for piano and orchestra

Electronic Works:

Parasites (2007) for 8-channel tape/for 4-channel live and pre-recorded electronics
Electronic Music Midwest 2007, SEAMUS 2008

Feedback Study No. 1 (2006) for tape Spectrum XXI 2008: Third International Festival of Spectral Music

Meditation on Violence (2006) for live and pre-recorded electronics Electronic Music Midwest 2006, Spark Festival 2007, SEAMUS 2007

Film Soundtracks:

Edification (2007) Bearded Child Film Festival 2007

Tinnitus (2007) Bearded Child Film Festival 2008

Reverie (2007)

Negative Sum (2006)

Waiting to Surface (2005) directed by Jason Ordenstein Hawaii International Film Festival 2005

Sometimes I Hear Things (2004) directed by Benjamin Hagedorn Bronze Remi Award, Houston International Film Festival 2005


Glow (2007)