Solo Pieces

Marble, Glass and Vapor (2009, 2017) for solo alto saxophone

Jeffrey Kyle Hutchins, saxophone

Weld Warp Shatter (2013) for vibraphone and bell plates

Jeremy Johnston, percussion

Kado: The Way of Flowers (2009) for solo cello

Joey Crane, cello

The Architect (2009) for solo violin

Irvine Arditti, violin

Chamber Works:

Forced Vibrations and Resonance (2014) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Normale (2011) for flute, vibraphone and viola

James DeVoll, flute; Scotty Horey, vibraphone; Benjamin Davis, viola

Tinguely (2010) for strings, percussion and built instruments

CMW Ensemble

Residual Aberrations of Extinct Archetypes (2009) for brass, percussion and strings

CMW Ensemble

Les Automates Jaquet-Droz (2008) for 2 violas and 2 cellos

Orchestral Works:

Piano Concerto (2006) for piano and orchestra